Dennerle Shrimp King Pea & Leaf Loops



Sinking water stable vegeterian loops ideal as a supplemental food. It contains a large amount of colourants from a wide variety of high quality ingredients such as microalgae, crustaceans, peppers, carrots and decapsulated brine shrimp eggs.

Tha package consists of a mixture of yellow loops (pea loops) and green loops (mulberry and walnut leaves).

Peas contain a variety of vitamins, essential amino acids, minerals and bioactive substances. Mulberry leaves are true power leaves, rich in vitamins, fatty acids, minerals and calcium. Walnut leaves are rich in phytochemicalsparticularly tannins and humic acids.
Feeding recommendations: Feed several times per week 1 loop per 10 shrimps. Remove uneaten food after 6 hours.

Ingredients: Yellow peas (44%), mulberry leaves (33%), walnut leaves (11%), wheat protein, rosemary, daphnia,  decapsuled brine shrimp eggs, birch leaf, green lipped mussel, yeast, birch  bark, rosemary

Guaranteed Analysis: 32.8% crude protein, 3.2% fat, 6.3% crude fiber, 7.5% ash, 5.5%  moisture, 1.49% calcium, 0.06% sodium, 0.3% phosphorus, 0.24% magnesium

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