AZOO Tropical Micro Pellet


AZOO Tropical Micro Pellet
Ultra Fresh Formula Feeds

Slowly sinking 0.6mm micro-sized food pellets for small tropical fish
High-protein pellets made with fresh and natural seafood ingredients
Special formulation supports overall fish health, growth & coloration

Micro-sized pellet food boasts special formulation to maximize overall fish health, growth, and coloration. Azoo Plus Ultra Fresh Tropical Micro Pellet made with carefully selected ingredients, including fresh seafood, spirulina, garlic, and ganoderma polysaccharides, delivers outstanding high-protein, natural nutrition. Slowly sinking micro-pellets are sized ideally for a variety of smaller tropical fish, including characins (Tetras), Rasboras, and Killifish. 0.6 mm pellet size.

Feeding Guide
This well-balanced food should be fed 2 to 3 times everyday, but only as much as your fish can eat up in 3 minutes.

Crab, Squid, Sword Prawn, Australian Spirulina, Garlic, Fresh Fish, Norwegian Seaweed, Wheat Germ, Corn, Soybean, Yeast, Earthworm, Mineral Substances, Vitamins (A, D3, C, E, B1, B2, B6, & B12, Beta-Carotene, Folic Acid, Nicotinic Acid, Pantothenic Acid, and EAA Ganoderma Polysaccharides (Methionine and Lysine).

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein: 45.7% min
Crude Fat: 3.8% min
Crude Fiber: 3.6% max
Moisture: 3.0% max
Phosphorus: 1.0% min
Vitamin A: 18,900 IU/kg
Vitamin D3: 3,390 IU/kg
Vitamin C: 500 mg/kg
Vitamin E: 48 mg/kg

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