AZOO Tropical Excellent Bits


AZOO Tropical Excellent Bits
Best for a variety of medium-sized tropical fish, discus, dwarf cichlid, angelfish and more.

Meat/vegetable ratio at 9:1
100% All-natural protein from fresh meat, vegetables and seaweed
60% Wild sword prawns + fresh squid
6% Natural spirulina + seaweeds
0% Additives, artificial colors or byproducts

100% naturally nutritious & formulated for superior palatability
Formulated with high content of wild sword prawns (up to 40%), garlic, fresh squid, plus a blend of carefully selected natural ingredients, this fish feed features high palatability and nutritional value for medium-sized schooling fish, dwarf cichlid, discus, and altum angelfish.

Fast intake keeps the water clean
10 hours of low-temperature processing and enhanced with intestinal probiotics, this formulation preserves the natural flavors and rich nutritional values of the fresh ingredients. It’s designed to be rapidly softened once in water, but doesn’t disintegrate and cloud the water. Easy intake for fish helps with easy digestion and complete absorption of nutrients, thereby reducing excretion of waste.

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