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ANS Betta 19

Earn up to 13 FBPoints.

ANS Betta 24

Earn up to 15 FBPoints.

AQUAEL Betta Kit

Earn 27 FBPoints.
Size (cm):  23.7 x 15.4 x 17.3 The BETTA KIT is a small aquarium set intended for keeping a single male fighting fish (Betta splendens). The kit includes a miniature tank, made entirely of plastic, and a lid. Thanks to the transparent walls, you can freely observe the interior of the tank. The openwork plastic lid ensures the required level of gas interchange (like other labyrinth fish, fighting fish breathe air from the surface of the water); prevents the fish from accidentally jumping out of the tank; and helps to maintain proper air temperature just above the water surface (cold air may cause catarrhal diseases of the fish’s respiratory system). The aquarium kit can be easily carried thanks to the handy, ergonomically designed handle. Despite its small size, BETTA KIT offers quite enough space for a single male fighting fish. You can furnish the tank with aquarium gravel, decorations, and small plants, e.g. mosses or miniature varieties of anubias. BETTA KIT is also suitable for keeping shrimp, snails, and other aquatic invertebrates. Without water, the tank can also be used for keeping insects and for carrying invertebrates and small pet mammals (hamsters, mice) e.g. during visits to the vet.

Dymax Cultivating Pot

Earn 7 FBPoints.
Dymax Cultivating Pot is a glass container attached with 2 suckers use for cultivating young plants or coral frags for aquarium use. This glass container can use for growing young and delicate plants in the planted aquarium when they need separate care or attention. In the reef aquarium, it is used for holding coral frags, as many try to cultivate them indoor. The cultivating pot can also be use as a terrarium outside the aquarium. It is popular that many land plants are keep in the glass pot at home as terrarium design decoration.

SUNSUN ATS-180 Mini Aquarium

Earn 24 FBPoints.
High-transparency ABS injection molding, beautiful and durable, USB power input is easy to use, can be connected with hardware such as computer.
Model ATS-180
Rated power supply USB 5V 1A
Dimensions 195x195x230mm
Capacity 3.5L
Lighting USB bracket light