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ADA Amazonia Soil

Earn up to 52 FBPoints.
Amazonia is substrate material, rich in organic acid and nutrients, promoting the growth of aquatic plant roots. By combining with Power Sand, it becomes the ideal substrate for plants. Powder type is used for small size aquarium or for spreading lightly over the normal type Amazonia.

ADA Amazonia Soil (Powder)

Earn up to 79 FBPoints.
A high pH level (alkaline) of the substrate causes difficulties for aquatic plants in consuming nutrients. The Aqua Soil Series decreases the hardness of the water and lowers the PH level to the degree at which most aquatic plants can consume nutrients and comfortably grow. Aqua Soil granules maintain their shape and density for long periods underwater securing good circulation of water and oxygen through the substrate. With Aqua Soil, growing difficult plants such as Tonina sp. becomes easier, and it is ideal for fishes demanding soft water. Of all the Aqua Soil types, including the old Amazonia I & Amazonia II, Aqua Soil NEW Amazonia receives our highest recommendation for best plant growth and long term management. Designed to create the image of Amazonia. Create an aquascape depicting the fertile South American rainforest with the dynamic alternation of rainy and dry seasons. Normal and Powder Type available. In addition to the original Aqua Soil Amazonia features, NEW Amazonia has been improved with the following:
  1. Amazonia makes aquarium water a bit acidic. Aqua Soil lowers pH and KH, and makes an idealistic environment for plants and fish.
  2. New Amazonia contains rich organic acid and nitrogen level. Organic substances in the soil are effective for keeping shrimp in healthy condition.
  3. Its pebbles are hard to crumble. The humic acid helps the plant growth, and hard-to-crumble pebbles do not cause water coloring/cloudiness.
  • Made from specially processed natural material from the earth.
  • Colloid particles capture dirt floating in the water, without any chemical treatment.
  • Gives clarity to the water and creates conditions ideal for healthy growth of aquatic plants.
  • Helps to lower the hardness level of the water.
  • Helps to bring the pH level of the water down to an ideal level for most of the aquatic plants.
  • Composed of granules of size and density ideal for the fast development of healthy plant root systems, rather conventional substrates such as sand.
  • Granules maintain their shape for a long period in water, holding air between them, which is vital for the long time maintenance of a planted aquarium.
  • Used with Power Sand stimulates the fast colonization of bacteria in the substrate and creates perfect conditions for plant root systems.
  • Most desirable pH level for most aquatic plants(ph 5.5 - 6.5) to develop their root systems.
Suggested Amount:
  • 1 bag (3L) for 1ft tank or when you just need a little extra Aqua Soil to achieve your desired depth.
  • Spreading A thin layer (approximately 1/2 in.) of Powder-type Aqua Soil over Normal-type Aqua Soil provides an attractive top layer. Using too much Powder-type (more than about 1 inch) can cause problems later on such as excessive "dust" when uprooting plants and/or restricted water circulation through the substrate.

ADA Amazonia Soil Ver.2

Earn up to 54 FBPoints.
Amazonia Ver.2 uses black soil for a raw material and it stands out against the leaf color of aquatic plants, and also includes Amazonia Supplement to enrich nutrients. By adding an appropriate amount of Amazonia supplement and laying Amazonia Ver.2, aquatic plants grow better and a beautiful Nature Aquarium can be realized. In addition, natural soils make the water quality suitable for aquatic plants and tropical fish, and it is easy to maintain an aquarium at the initial stage, so it can be used widely from beginners to veterans.

ANS Shrimp Soil

Earn up to 17 FBPoints.

DOOA Tropical River Soil

Earn 20 FBPoints.


Substrate material producing a tropical atmosphere with exposed red soil. It proposes a new idea of “cosmetic soil.”


DYMAX Base Soil

Earn up to 45 FBPoints.
Dymax Plant Substrate Base Soil reaches and maintains proper pH quickly, does not cloud water and can be used straight from the packet. Dymax Base Soil is the most fundamental item for a successful planted aquarium. Dymax Base Soil provides necessary trace elements for plant growth as well as enhancing root developmment.
Dymax Base Soil decreases the hardness of the water and lowers the pH level to the degree at which most aquatic plants can consume nutrients and comfortably grow. The soil granules maintain shape and density underwater. With Dymax Base Soil, growing difficult plants becomes easier and is ideal for fish demanding soft water.
  • Made from natural materials.
  • Colloid particles create water clarity without any chemical treatment.
  • Gives clarity to the water
  • Creates an environment ideal for healthy growth of aquatic plants.
  • Helps to lower the hardness level in the aquarium.
  • Helps to bring the pH level of the water down to an ideal level for most of the aquatic plants.
  • Ideal size and density for the fast development of healthy plant root systems rather than conventional substrates such as sand.
  • Granules maintain their shape under water providing constant air supply which is vital for the long maintenance of a planted aquarium.

H.E.L.P Advanced Soil Original

Earn 29 FBPoints.
Size: 8L

This is developed by ourselves to make the best environment for the fresh water fish, it must be keeping mildly acidic water condition for long term. Advanced soil is 100% natural ingredients.

Advenced soil soon drop the water pH & KH, creating close to nature environment in an aquarium. This allow you to have fish in an aquarium on the very day you set Advanced soil. *Basically, it is recommended to put the fish a week later after you set up an aquarium and keep water circulation. Advanced soil has granules that are denser than other conventional product. This prevents each granule from flying all over so that water soon settles down.

H.E.L.P Advanced Soil Plants

Earn 31 FBPoints.
Size: 8L

Advanced soil for PLANTS is developed for growth plants and including sufficient nutrition in the soil.

Advenced soil for PLANT soon drop the water pH & KH, creating close to nature environment in an aquarium. Besides it including several nutrition for growth of plant. Black color soil and and clear water makes plant much attractive. Of course it keeps good water condition for fish too. You can enjoy looking at both happy fish and well growing plant.

H.E.L.P Advanced Soil Shrimp

Earn 30 FBPoints.
Size: 8L Advanced soil for SHRIMP is developed for shrimp lover who want to grow and breed.

Including essential ingredient for shrimp

Advenced soil for SHRIMP soon drop the water pH & KH, creating close to nature environment in an aquarium. Besides including natural humic acid makes best condition for growing shrimps.


JBL Manado

Earn 21 FBPoints.
  • Optimal plant care through porous structure and nutrient storage function: substrate for freshwater aquariums
  • Vigorous plant growth, prevents algae: effective settlement of beneficial soil bacteria and ideal root growth thanks to natural pore structure. Support for the filter. Crystal-clear water
  • Ideal for fish, invertebrates and plants: no unwanted pollutants released into the water. Round-shaped granule grains are gentle on sensitive barbels of bottom-dwellers
  • High storage capacity: the natural substrate absorbs the surplus nutrients and releases them when required
  • Contents: substrate Manado. Available in various sizes

JBL Proscape Shrimps Soil Brown

Earn 48 FBPoints.
Size: 9L
  • Soil without additional nutrients for shrimp aquariums: special substrate for aquascaping aquariums
  • Softening effect makes it especially suitable for shrimps and other animals which prefer soft water
  • Thriving plant growth: ideal oxygen supply and circulation in the substrate thanks to medium grain size. Immediate supply of nutrients and minerals
  • Tropical water values: slightly acidic pH values and low carbonate hardness. Reduses water hardness – water becomes soft
  • Contents: 1 bag ProScape ShrimpsSoil Brown

Jun Platinium Soil (Brown Powder)

Earn up to 34 FBPoints.
Platinum soil, a bottom floor material for aquariums, creates clear, sparkling water with 100% natural materials. It has a natural water quality adjustment function that is friendly to aquatic plants and fish, and maintains highly transparent water for a long time! In addition, it accelerates water rise and cultivate beneficial bacteria. This product is a slightly acidic using 100% domestic natural black clay. Ideal for aquatic plants, bee shrimp, etc., maintaining a soft water environment. Absorbs pigments of driftwood and phosphoric acid that causes moss with the power of natural soil.
Platinum Soil Brown Powder
Features ● Natural water quality adjustment function friendly to aquatic plants and fish! ● Reduce pH / kH to create a weakly acidic soft water environment! ● Strongly absorbs pigments from driftwood! ● Maintain highly transparent water for a long time! ● Faster the rise of water and multiply filtered bacteria!
Internal capacity 1,3,8 liters
Grain size (approx.) 1.6-3.0mm
how to use ● Lay it in a water tank without washing the soil, and pour water gently. Pour slowly so as not to dig up the soil. ● Water becomes cloudy when set. By operating the filtration device, it takes about 1-2 hours. ● The surface may be covered with water, but there is no problem with water quality. You can easily remove it by scooping it on the net or aerating it.
Estimated usage 45cm water tank (about 35L): 6-8L 60cm water tank (about 57L): 8-11L 90cm water tank (about 157L): 24-32L
please note * Since this product has the effect of lowering pH and KH, avoid using it together with filter media or water quality regulators that hinder this effect. * There is a small air hole in the package of this product. In the case of super powder, fine particles may come out of the hole. Please note. * Please make sure to take time to adjust the water with the living body. * Please note that we do not compensate for any diseases or deaths of living organisms or withering of aquatic plants. * Be careful not to play children with this bag. There is a danger of suffocation.
Important Immediately after setting the soil floor, the water quality may be unstable or nitrite may be detected. After setting, be sure to operate the filter and confirm that the filtration is working properly before introducing the living body. In addition, durable aquatic plants such as hygrophylla are effective to speed up the stability of water quality. At the beginning of the set, bubbles may be difficult to disappear, but are harmless to the living body. As it disappears in a few days, there is no problem in using it. Estimated amount of water used in main standard water tanks 30cm cube water tank: about 0.9 liter per 1cm thickness 45 × 30 × 30cm water tank: about 1.3 liter per 1cm thickness 60 × 30 × 36cm water tank: per 1cm thickness 1.8 liter 90 × 45 × 45 cm water tank: about 4 liters per 1 cm thickness 120 × 45 × 45 cm water tank: about 5.4 liters per 1 cm thickness * Sand-based products are generally sorted by sieves, but long and narrow grains may be larger than the stated grain size. Please note. ※ As it is a natural material, garbage such as plants and wood chips may be contained. When using, remove it with a scoop. * Because it is a natural material, the grain size may vary slightly depending on the lot even for the same product. Please note. * In the case of gravel, most of them are marine products, so shells and coral debris may be mixed in. Shells and corals have the effect of raising the pH, so if you raise a living body that prefers an extremely low pH, or if you are worried about it, use it after acid treatment.