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Resun AC-9902

Earn 18 FBPoints.
  • Twin outlet air pump
  • Maximum output 4.0 ltr/min (240 ltr/hour)
  • Maximum depth of the aquarium 21"
  • Modern design with vibration absorbing feet
  • Suitable for aquariums up to 180 ltr (40 gallon) and ponds up to 800 ltr
TECHNIQUE PARAMETER: VOLT:100~120V/220~240V FREQ:50/60HZ POWER:4.5W CAP:4.5L/min PRESSURE:>0.012MPa OUTLET:2 AQUARIUM SIZE:45~350L SIZE:155x95x75mm WT:0.45Kg

Resun AC-9904

Earn 25 FBPoints.
  • Four outlet air pump with electronic output control
  • Maximum output 9.0ltr/min (540 ltr/hour)
  • Maximum depth of the aquarium 24"
  • Modern design with vibration absorbing feet
  • Suitable for aquariums up to 440 ltr (100 gallon) and ponds up to 2000 ltr

Resun DC-MPQ-905 12V

Earn 100 FBPoints.

Design for the following area:

Ideal for provide oxygen to the living fishes in vehicles, fish markets and restaurants

Ideal supply oxygen in fish pond where don't 240V power supply


The pump can operate from Solar Power, Battery Power or AC mains backup power

No need of oil, low energy consumption meet the demands of environmental protection.

Adoptions of pound-resisting diaphragms, high grade of ball bearings and balance centrifugal shafts ensure the pumps to work long.

Compact size - easy to install, operation and maintenance;

Technical Specifications:

Voltage: 12V?

Power: 100W

Pressure: 0.09MPa

Output: 100L/min

Diameter Outlet: 10mm

Divider: 10 outlets

Overall Dimension (cm): 23.5 X 14.3 X 17.5


HAILEA ACO-22 Series Air Pump

Earn up to 14 FBPoints.
Model ACO-2203 ACO-2205
Flowrate (l/min) 2 2 x 2
Power (W) 2.5 5

HAILEA ACO-55 Series Air Pump

Earn up to 21 FBPoints.
Model ACO-5501 ACO-5504 ACO-5505
Flowrate (l/min) 1.3 3.5 5.5
Power (W) 2 4 6.5

HAILEA ACO-9610 Air Pump

Earn 36 FBPoints.
  • Four (4) independent outlets.
  • Hailea super silent adjustable air pump.
  • These series air pumps are used for air supply parts for aquariums.
  • Also used for Fitness, Cosmetic, Beauty products and Beauty Fitness devices, Healthcare devices, Health products, Processing machines, Neccessities and Apparatus for the elderly and the disabled.
  • Possesses advanced air-compressing system and dampening system which is extremely low in noise and large in air output.
  • Adopt special artificial rubber to keep a steady air output and pressure that can be adjusted manually.
  • Environmental conservation design,non-oil lubrication to produce pure compressed air.
  • The structure is compact and can work continuously and durable for long time service.
  • Adopt non-oil design,without adding lubricant.
Power: 10 Watt. Voltage: 220/50Hz. Air output: 2.5 x 4 L/min. Pressure: 0.015 MPa. Note pump uses 4 Diaphragms and 8 Flapper Valves

HAILEA ACO-99 Series Air Pump

Earn up to 15 FBPoints.
Model ACO-9902 ACO-9905
Flowrate (l/min) 2.5 6.5
Power (W) 2.2 6


Earn 198 FBPoints.
The Hailea CP-60 AC/DC Air Pump produces high air pressure and operates at low noise. When it is AC powered, the internal battery gets charged automatically. When power is cut off, the air pump will continue to run on battery for up to 8 hours. The pump switches to DC mode when AC is cut off. This ensures no disruption to the air supply of your aquarium. The air output is adjustable to meet the needs of your aquarium. Comes with intelligent micro computer control system on board, and safe battery technology.


  • Microcomputer-controlled
  • Auto switch between AC and DC battery backup
  • Maintenance-free 12V battery inside
  • Internal battery recharges automatically
  • High-quality motor with consistent air output
  • Uses oil-free technology to generate clean air, thus no contamination of aquarium
  • Adjustable air output
  • Multi-level muffler and damping systems for silent and low-noise level
Voltage : 220V – 240V Frequency : 50/60Hz Power : 80W Air output : 60 L/Min PRESSURE : 0.03mpa


Earn 220 FBPoints.
  • Microcomputer-controlled and recharge automatically.
  • Auto switch between AC and DC.
  • Maintenance-free 12V battery inside.
  • Driven by high quality motor for higher air output.
  • Air output can be adjust.
  • Multi-level muffler and damping system, operate with low noise
  • Non-oil lubricated design to produce purified air.
  • Intelligent micro computer control system and protective circuit of battery
  • Battery can be charged when the pump is connected with AC power supply
  • Change automatically to DC when AC if off
  • The DC power can work up to 9 hours when the AC power turns off
  • Air Flow Adjuster Dimmer Switch
Power : 22 W Frequency: 50/60Hz Air Output : 60×2 L/Min Pressure : 0.025 mpa Air Outlet(s) : 6×2 Outlets Dimension: 342 x 225 x 202mm

HAILEA HAP-Series Air Pump

Earn up to 216 FBPoints.
Model HAP-60 HAP-80 HAP-120
Flowrate (l/min) 60 80 120
Power (W) 55 85 125
Pressure >0.035MPa >0.036MPa >0.038MPa
Common Pressure 0.01MPa 0.012MPa 0.018MPa
Size 203x165x153mm 210x185x171mm 265x215x198mm
Weight 6kg 7kg 9.5kg

HAILEA UAS-12000 Air Pump

Earn 70 FBPoints.
  • Micro regulator is available in AC operation mode.
  • The air output can be adjusted freely; Double muffling design, low in noise, large air output and high pressure; Controlled br intellegent micro-computer.
  • Battery can be charged when switched on AC power supply.
  • The carefully designed protective circuit can make the battery charge and discharge safely; Changing automatically to DC when AC is off.
  • The DC power can work as long as 6 hours when the AC power is off.

Model: UAS - 12000 Power: 8W Voltage: 110-120V / 220-240V Frequency: 50/60 Hz Pressure: > 0.02Mpa Air volume: 5L/min Battery working time: 6-10h Weight: 2.25 kg Size: 185x170x60 mm


HAILEA VP-Series Air Pump

Earn up to 73 FBPoints.
Model VP-10 VP-20
Flowrate (l/min) 10 20
Power (W) 10 15
Pressure >0.02MPa >0.02MPa