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ANS Check Valve

2pcs/pack Check valve to stop water from flowing in the wrong direction and accidentally draining an aquarium in the event of an air pump failure.
  • Keep air flowing in the right direction and stop water from flowing out of the tank
  • Use the air check valve as a safety precaution whenever using air pumps
  • Use with aquarium air line tubing and an air pump to allow air out and keep water from flowing back
  • not suitable for Pressurized Co2 system

SUNSUN JDP-Series Pump

  • Multi function intelligent control layout, can adjust flow and power.
  • The water pump uses the latest three-phase power with brushless and sensorless control technology, energy saving up to 50%.
  • Low-voltage 24V, safe and converse electricity.
  • Using closed impeller design can be economically efficient to improve lift and output.
  • Super silence, can be used both in fresh and sea water.
  • Use ceramic shaft, wear resistance, no rust.
  • Long service life, no copper element.
  • The outlet realize muitistage over, suitable for a variety of pipe diameter connection.
  • Separation of electric drive, more safe and stable.
  • The locked-rotor protection function(immediately cut off power after impeller jammed.)
Model JDP-3500 JDP-6000 JDP-10000
Rated Voltage DC 24V DC 24V DC 24V
Rated Frequency 50Hz/60Hz 50Hz/60Hz 50Hz/60Hz
Rated Power 10W-35W 13W-60W 20W-100W
Maximum Lift 1.7m 1.6-5.0m 5.8m
Maximum Flow 2300-3500L/h 3000-6000L/h 6000-10000L/h
Outlet (mm) 20, 25, 32 20, 25, 32 20, 25, 32, 38, 50
Weigtht 1.1kg 1.9kg 2.9kg
Dimension 155x72x97mm 175x83x113mm 195x95x125mm




  1.  The shell is made of high quality reinforced ABS and durable.
  2. It adopts high-strength wear-resistant shaft core, which is resistant to acid and alkali and corrosion.
  3. Suitable for low water levels.
  4. Suitable for aquariums.
Model JGP-2500L
Rated power supply 110V/220V/240V
Rated Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Rated Power 40W
Maximum Lift 2.3m
Maximum Flow 2500L/h
Outlet (mm) 12, 16, 20
Power Cord Length 2.5m
Weight 0.9kg
Dimension 135x105x152mm

Resun AC-9902

  • Twin outlet air pump
  • Maximum output 4.0 ltr/min (240 ltr/hour)
  • Maximum depth of the aquarium 21"
  • Modern design with vibration absorbing feet
  • Suitable for aquariums up to 180 ltr (40 gallon) and ponds up to 800 ltr
TECHNIQUE PARAMETER: VOLT:100~120V/220~240V FREQ:50/60HZ POWER:4.5W CAP:4.5L/min PRESSURE:>0.012MPa OUTLET:2 AQUARIUM SIZE:45~350L SIZE:155x95x75mm WT:0.45Kg

Resun AC-9904

  • Four outlet air pump with electronic output control
  • Maximum output 9.0ltr/min (540 ltr/hour)
  • Maximum depth of the aquarium 24"
  • Modern design with vibration absorbing feet
  • Suitable for aquariums up to 440 ltr (100 gallon) and ponds up to 2000 ltr

Resun DC-MPQ-905 12V


Design for the following area:

Ideal for provide oxygen to the living fishes in vehicles, fish markets and restaurants

Ideal supply oxygen in fish pond where don't 240V power supply


The pump can operate from Solar Power, Battery Power or AC mains backup power

No need of oil, low energy consumption meet the demands of environmental protection.

Adoptions of pound-resisting diaphragms, high grade of ball bearings and balance centrifugal shafts ensure the pumps to work long.

Compact size - easy to install, operation and maintenance;

Technical Specifications:

Voltage: 12V?

Power: 100W

Pressure: 0.09MPa

Output: 100L/min

Diameter Outlet: 10mm

Divider: 10 outlets

Overall Dimension (cm): 23.5 X 14.3 X 17.5


ANGEL AQUA Air Stone (Cylinder)

DY103G (Cylinder) 15x70Lmm
DY103-G 70L × Φ15 0.6 §¤/min ± 50% Cylinder
DY103C (Cylinder) 30x80Lmm
DY103-C 80L × Φ30 1.0 §¤/min ± 50% Cylinder
DY103B (Cylinder) 30x105Lmm
DY103-B 105L × Φ30 1.5 §¤/min ± 50% Cylinder
DY103A (Cylinder) 30x130Lmm
DY103-A 130L × Φ30 2.0 §¤/min ± 50% Cylinder

GEX e-AIR 1000SB

  • Fits on aquarium with water depth below 35cm, and 45cm in width or less
  • Discharge rate at approximately 800cc / minute
  • Single Type
  • Size: Dimension 78x50x125mm
  • Weight 178g

GEX e-AIR 1500SB

  • Air pump with a simple black body and quiet design
  • It has a special sealed structure that does not let the internal sound escape
  • Uses anti-vibration leg rubber that minimizes vibration transmitted to the installation surface
  • As it is a cassette type part, it is easy to replace consumables
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 9 x 13.5 cm

GEX e-AIR 4000SB

  • Ideal for depth of less than 60 cm
  • Volume: approx. 500 to 2000 cc / min
  • Double outlet type (air intensity adjustment dial)
  • Dimension 135 X 88 x 71 mm
  • Weight 388g

HAILEA ACO-22 Series Air Pump

Model ACO-2203 ACO-2205
Flowrate (l/min) 2 2 x 2
Power (W) 2.5 5

HAILEA ACO-55 Series Air Pump

Model ACO-5501 ACO-5504 ACO-5505
Flowrate (l/min) 1.3 3.5 5.5
Power (W) 2 4 6.5