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ANS Brass Check Valve

Earn 6 FBPoints.
(High Grade) 2pcs ANS Brass Check Valve is an excellent check valve that prevents no water flows back to your CO2 Cylinder even under high pressurize CO2 output. Check Valve prevents water from aquarium to flow back to your CO2 cylinder. It is important to have a check valve because if water enters the cylinder, it can cause rust in the interior of the cylinder and prevent proper CO2 refilling.

ANS Brass CO2 Divider

Earn up to 91 FBPoints.

ANS CO2 Alloy Cylinder

Earn up to 90 FBPoints.
ANS Alloy Steel CO2 Cylinder is durable and able to withstand high pressurizes CO2. Built in with safety mechanism that prevent any sudden leakage of CO2.
Come in 2L, 3L and 5 Liter cylinder.
Dimension : 2L - 12cm Diameter x 42cm height 3L - 12cm Diameter x 52cm height

ANS Intense CO2 Atomizer (S)

Earn 11 FBPoints.
Produces micro bubbles and increase CO2 diffusion rate in water - Reduce CO2 Usage - Save money on CO2 refill * use ANS CO2 High Resistant tube Working Pressure : 3kg/cm2 (40psi) or higher

Dymax CO2 Mini Regulator

Earn 58 FBPoints.
  • High accuracy
  • Hand tighten
  • Light weight
  • Corrosive resistance

Dymax RX-122 CO2 Professional Regulator

Earn 130 FBPoints.
Dymax Co2 Professional Regulator RX-122 is made to provide constant regulation of Co2 for the aquarium. The regulator uses solid aluminum as its material that provides corrosion resistance against salt water. Besides being light in weight, the regulator also requires no tools for fastening onto the cylinder. Common leakage problem of the conservative regulators are often caused by high heat generated by its soleniod valve during operation. With the unique design of Dymax Co2 Professional Rgulator RX-122, the low energy consumed soleniod generate very low heat which will not caused any damage to any parts of the regulator and therefore it is safer and more durable to use compare to others in the market. The RX-122 is an ideal regulator for both freshwater and marine aquarium.
  • Highly accuracy
  • Hand tighten
  • Light weight
  • Corrosive resistance
  • Generate low heat
  • Multi-directional solenoid

sera CO2-Tabs plus

Earn 17 FBPoints.
CO2 fertilizer tablets for the CO2 diffusion reactor sera CO2 Tabs are simply placed into the according slot of the CO2 diffusion reactor. Upon contact with aquarium water, each tablet releases approx. 100 ml (representing 2,500 counting bubbles) of CO2 .

sera flore CO2 active reactor

Earn up to 86 FBPoints.
The new generation of CO2 reactors  The sera flore CO2 active reactor is integrated into an existing water circuit (e.g. external filter), or it can alternatively be operated with a pump. The rotors ensure strong blending of CO2 with the aquarium water, allowing to dissolve several hundred CO2 bubbles per minute. The holder included with the kit allows attaching the reactor inside or outside the aquarium (e.g. in the cabinet), depending on the existing installation. The material color (smoky gray) is effective against algae settlement. Easy to clean. Recommendation:
  • sera flore CO2 active reactor 500 (up to 500 bubbles CO2/min): for aquariums ranging from 250 liters (66 US gal.) up to 600 liters (159 US gal.)
  • sera flore CO2 active reactor 1000 (up to 1,000 bubbles CO2/min): for aquariums above 600 liters (159 US gal.) and densely planted aquariums