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sera Snail Collect

Earn 20 FBPoints.
Snail trap  The sera snail collect is excellently suited for reducing strongly multiplying snails in aquariums. Snails are lured into the trap by some bait (e.g. sera O-Nip tablets). Their way back is blocked by pins. The undesired catching of fish is prevented by pins in the entry of the trap. The sera snail collect can alternatively be used for catching bristle worms in marine aquariums.

ANS Easy Siphon

Earn up to 7 FBPoints.

ANS Easy Siphon  - Great tool for siphoning dirt ,water change or feeding food to fish or corals.

  • made of food grade silicon and clear plastic
  • strong suction and multiple use without breaking
ANS Easy Siphon 30
  • total length - 30cm
  • Max volume - 30ml
ANS Easy Siphon 50
  • total length -50cm
  • Max volume - 50ml

ANS ShrimpZy Feeder Plate GLASS

Earn up to 7 FBPoints.

EHEIM Autofeeder

Earn 101 FBPoints.
EHEIM autofeeder If you don’t always have time an automatic fish feeder is ideal. Also when on holiday. You can easily programme the feeding times as well as the amount of food and the fish feeder ventilates the food at precisely the    correct doing time into the water. With a simple press of a button “snacks” are also possible at any time. The function keys are splash proof . A warning system quickly shows low battery level. And of course the feeders fit feeder openings on the  VARILUX aquarium hoods; they are also equipped with a bracket for    open-top aquariums and terrariums – also for nano aquariums. EHEIM automatic fish feeder Compact equipment with a feeding chamber; mainly for flake food
  • Easy to understand programming
  • An additional programme for double feeding
  • Actively aerated food chamber
  • Capacity ca. 100 ml
  • Additional “snacks“ possible at the touch of a button
  • Function keys are splash resistant
  • Warning system quickly indicates low battery level
  • Including bracket for mounting on an open-top aquarium or terrarium
  • Includes batteries

GEX Food Clock FC-002

Earn 36 FBPoints.

Key Information

  • An automatic food clock that can be set at any time you want, suitable for people who are busy or travelling.
  • Choose the number of times of feeding once a day (every 24 hours) or twice (every 12 hours).
  • It can be used for most artificial feeds

GEX Food Clock FC-002D

Earn 45 FBPoints.
A digital automatic feeder that can be set at any time you want, suitable for people who are busy or travelling. Feed setting is now available in digital format at your preferred time. Feeding settings can be made at any time up to 4 times a day, and for each feeding, the number of rotations of the food tank can be set to 1 turn or 2 rotations. It can be used for most artificial feeds such as flake hoods and grain hoods. Adopted a convenient manual button and a transparent type food tank (with a lid) with contents display, with feed rate adjustment function. (Battery needed - 2 x AA batteries) Operating temperature range: 0 ° C to 40 ° C Size (approx) 14.4 × 9.5 × 8.5 cm

JBL AutoFood

Earn up to 106 FBPoints.
Size(l/h/w): 155/193/95 mm
  • Attractive black/transparent or white/transparent design.
  • 125 ml contents – or 375 ml with screw-on 250 ml food container.
  • Suitable for all granulates up to 3 mm. Guaranteed operation with batteries (3 x 1,5 V AA included).
  • With air connection to keep food dry.
  • Easy setting for up to 4 feeds per day.
  • 3 year guarantee.
  • On/off switch for manual operation (internal clock continues to run). Feeding times and quantity easily adjustable.
  • Multiple mounting options by means of suction cup or mounting clamp. Feeding automat can be rotated 360° once mounted. Dimensions: 18 cm length, 8,5 cm height (without mount - meaning before fixing and before the food container is screwed on). Without mount but with container: 18,5 cm height. Height with suction cup mount: 9 cm.
  • The holder is suitable for glass panes or plates of up to 28 mm thickness.
  • The food opening has a dimension of 27 mm x 20 mm.
  • The battery condition is indicated on the display.

Ocean Nutrition Feeding Prong

Earn 4 FBPoints.
The Feeding Prong is an excellent tool for close-up feeding of Lionfish, Stonefish, Groupers, Oscars and other predators. Simply skewer Lance Fish or Krill Superba with this "invisible" acrylic prong and use a "wiggle-action" to trigger the feeding response.
  • This is an ideal tool to wean fish off live food.
  • Best used for feeding carnivorous fish by attaching Lance Fish, Krill Superba, chunks of squid etc. for feeding of predators.

Ocean Nutrition Feeding Station

Earn 9 FBPoints.
  • Keeps floating foods from scattering on surface of the water.
  • Floats on aquarium water surface.
  • Saves food from being caught in the filter or skimmer.
  • Decreases aquarium maintenance.
  • Durable and easy to clean.
  • For feeding Marine or Freshwater Tropical fish.
The “FEEDING FRENZY™” Feeding Station is a unique tool for making the feeding of flake foods and other floating foods an easier, more efficient and more enjoyable (for fish and fish keepers) process. The feeding station floats on the surface of the aquarium water. It provides a stationary zone where fish can return repeatedly to feed. It also confines floating food within a limited so that the food does not immediately scatter across the aquarium water surface, clogging filters, and skimmers.

Ocean Nutrition Seaweed Clips

Earn 8 FBPoints.
2 per pack The Seaweed Clip is an excellent tool for feeding the "Seaweed Selects" from Ocean Nutrition. In order to keep grazers fit, algae needs to be readily available. The clip is for use underwater and adheres easily to acrylic or glass surfaces thanks to its suction cup. This clip has a stronger and longer gripping surface than other clips on the market. The Seaweed Clip holds the seaweed underwater for the fish to feed upon and helps promote a very natural feeding by allowing fish to pick at the food, little by little, over an extended period of time.
  • Tight grip zone for a better hold.
  • Promotes natural feeding by allowing the fish to pick at their food over an extended period of time.
  • Made in transparent plastic for more discretion.

Ocean Nutrition Sep-Art Seperator

Earn 124 FBPoints.
Ocean Nutrition has developped the Sep-Art Separator, which facilitates the harvesting of Artemia nauplii originating from Sep-Art Artemia Cysts. The acrylic Separator contains a special built-in magnet into the bottom. It is highly efficient and allows a fast and complete separation of nauplii and cyst shells.
  • Facilitates the harvesting of Artemia nauplii originating from Sep-Art Artemia Cysts.
  • A highly efficient, fast and complete separation of nauplii and unhatched cysts.
  • Use only in combination with Sep-Art Artemia Cysts.
  • Store the Sep-Art Artemia Cysts in a cool and dry place.

Warmtone Food Timer WT-180A

Earn 19 FBPoints.
Warmtone WT-180 Food Timer automates fish feeding by dispensing fish food (flakes and pellets) at precise feeding time intervals up to 6 times a day. Benefits
  • Supports auto & manual feeding
  • Programmable for up to auto 6 feedings a day
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Built-in Quartz watch for precise feeding time
  • Up to 6 automatic feedings a day
  • Quartz timer controller built-in
  • Require AA battery x 1 (included in the package)
  • 2 direction clamp
  • Adjustable clamp to fix on different tank sizes, can clamp on max thickness of 1cm glass/wall